Working hard and making money was on my mind until I went through this incident. . "See a copy of the Government's Sentencing Memorandum, See a copy of the text of the prosecutors' allocution narrative during the sentencing proceeding, View the PowerPoint presentation shown by the prosecutors during the sentencing proceeding, Read the Government's press release concerning the sentencing, See a copy of the Transcript of Sentencing Proceeding - May 12, 2004, See a copy of the Transcript of Sentencing Proceeding - May 13, 2004, Week of July 5, 2004 - Defendant Safarini was transferred by the Bureau of Prisons to the Administrative Maximum facility in Florence, Colorado, also referred to as "SuperMax.". Tenn., flight attendant, JOHNSON, Caria, New York City, flight attendant, WARNS, Grores, Blairstown, N.J., flight engineer, See the article in its original context from. The adrenaline was doing its work until I realised I had a major injury. Some survivors of the ill-fated PanAm flight 73 recount the sordid memories of that September day in 1986 when the airhostess gave up her life in the line of duty. Dilip Bidichandani, another steward, is adamant that the pilots' escape actually saved more lives. Survivors condemn hijacker in Pan Am massacre . After a short break all the Flight 73 crew returned to Pan Am for at least a few years. Pan Am officials said 16 survivors of the hijacking were booked on the plane that arrived in Los Angeles from New York on Monday afternoon. When armed terrorists stormed the plane on the tarmac in Karachi, Pakistan, early on Sept. 5, 1986, Dav was 10 years old, flying with her 13-year-old sister from India to the United States. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Our tickets got confirmed at the last moment in Pan-Am Flight-73, which was headed to New York via Karachi and Frankfurt from . Those hours were torturous. But Pan-American Flight 759 crashed . She fell on my shoulder, while I felt a hot ball of fire going up my feet. More than three decades after a bomb pierced the evening sky over Lockerbie, Scotland, the Syracuse University community carries on a tradition to honor the 35 study-abroad students killed on Pan Am Flight 103. PUBLISHED 12:35 PM ET Oct. 18, 2019. A lock () or https:// means you've safely connected to the .gov website. Sherene saw that mechanic Meherjee had been killed. At the conclusion of the proceeding, Judge Sullivan sentenced the defendant to three consecutive life terms plus 25 years, for a total of 160 years. as "extremely brave, selfless and clever". They were not aggressive as such but panic started after the power supply went off. Meanwhile, inside the plane, 29-year-old American passenger Rajesh Kumar was pulled out of his seat and made to kneel in front of one of the open doors, with a gun to his head. I turned more patriotic, pious and mind you not religious rather spiritual after this incident. The shooting began when the hijackers fired in panic as the lights went out in the Boeing 747 on a runway in Karachi, Pakistan, on Friday. And then another militant, his AK-47 and grenades in clear view, instructed Sunshine to take him to the captain. There was gunfire. She could have easily been the first one to escape but she chose to push everyone else out. Eventually, she moved back to New Orleans and married Joe Ferrara, whom she called the boy next door in the Times-Picayune story. Massey had already exited down the slide just moments earlier, taking three unaccompanied children with him. Then, when all the passengers were off the wing, the crew did something remarkable. When Gala was wheeled off the plane in Los Angeles, clutching her X-rays, her blue polyester slacks and a purple sweater showed the dirt and oil marks of her leap. The terrorists, members of the Abu Nidal organization, had planned to crash the plane into a sensitive Israeli target in Tel Aviv. Sherene and Sunshine were the cabin crew who spent the most time with lead hijacker Zaid Hassan Abd Latif Safarini. He told the four men that the airport authorities were looking for pilots to fly them where they needed to go. WILLIAMS, Norman; RO Palos Verdes, Calif. BRAGG, Robert, Howard Beach, N. Y., first officer, DONOVAN, Susanne, Harrisburg, Pa., flight attendant, GRUBBS, Victor, Centerport, L.I., captain, JACKSON, Joan, Nashville. This was given to the 40-odd American passengers of the ill-fated Pan Am Flight 73, but not shared with the Indians, including the kin . Budget 2023. 19 Jan, 2018, 11.19 PM IST. We had to wait on the tarmac for 45 minutes for a transport vehicle to carry my mothers coffin. In the chaos and darkness, at least three doors had been opened, though it is not clear by whom. Around four hours into the siege, the hijackers began trying to identify the Americans on board. I lay down on my family, my small child and other baby . As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. ", See a copy of the Sentencing Response Form, See a copy of the Victim Impact Statement Form, Read a copy of the handbook "Coping After Terrorism: Information for Victims and Survivors of Pan Am Flight #73 Hijacking, May 12-13, 2004 - A sentencing proceeding was held before Judge Sullivan, attended by more than 50 victims and family members, many of whom provided powerful and emotional statements during the two-day proceeding. Also, a sentencing date will be scheduled (probably for some time in the spring of 2004). The flight attendants were supportive, smart and composed throughout. Maul, Hawaii. Maybe, it was a sign from God to avoid flying but somehow we managed to take the flight. Following is a list of passengers on the Pan American Boeing 747 airliner who were killed in the Canary Islands crash, as provided Monday to The Associated Press by Pan American officials: BRADLEY, Col. Clittro, San Juan Capisl, Calif. BRADLEY, Marlorie, San Juan Capist, Calif. BRANDCNBERG, Brita, Corona del Mar, Calif. CAZA, Elizabeth, Winosor, Oatario, Canada. The FBIs Hazardous Devices School at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama is the only facility in the country that trains and certifies the nations public safety bomb technicians. Grubbs was not among the survivors. Neerja seemed like just any other airhostess until we reached Karachi and the terrorists took over. They threw the hand grenades too, one of which fell on my friend Rupal, sitting next to me. When the survivors recall the deadly memory, their hearts start racing and their spines become chilled. But win or lose, what strikes me is how a 10-year-old victim has grown up to be an intelligent and passionate young lawyer willing to take on a big international law firm that has threatened her with legal reprisals. There was a bloody end - 22 people killed and about 150 injured. Her sister could get as much. The other 259 people aboard the aircraft died when the bomb blew apart the jetliner Dec. 21, 1988 or were killed by the 30,000-foot fall . The court suspended the hearing before it was completed due to a lack of sufficient interpreters for the defendant. List of Dead and Survivors on Pan American Plane, Hassan Abd Latif Safarini appeared in court Wednesday to begin the sentencing phase for his role as lead hijacker of Pan Am Flight 73. He held the gun in one hand and with the other he gave me water. August 28, 2002 - A 95-count superseding indictment is returned by a grand jury in the District of Columbia, charging defendant Safarini and four co-defendants. When the survivors recall the deadly memory, their hearts start racing and their spines become chilled. One of the survivors and also eyewitness of hijacked Pan-Am flight in the year 1986. An airhostess, who felt unwell, too lay down next to Trupti. LUKER, Marilyn. Outside, four gunmen had sped on to the tarmac in a van disguised as airport security. This action was undertaken in coordination with a joint announcement with the U.S. Department of State that the Rewards for Justice Program is offering a reward of up to $5 million each for information leading to the arrest and/or conviction of the four individuals Wadoud Muhammad Hafiz al-Turki , Jamal Saeed Abdul Rahim, Muhammad Abdullah Khalil Hussain ar-Rahayyal, and Muhammad Ahmed al-Munawar all believed to have been members of the Abu Nidal terrorist organization. Each is sentenced to death. There was complete chaos at the Sahar airport when we returned. We just kept praying.. She was killed while helping passengers to escape through emergency exits when hijackers opened fire and set off explosives during the 16-hour ordeal. But for how long could one possibly bow down? Eventually the militants threatened that, as a pilot had not materialised, a passenger would be shot every 15 minutes. Subscribe The terrorists began screaming in Arabic. The elderly woman, a resident of a village outside Bombay, had been on her way to Southern California with Kumar and Kumars aunt, Gangaben Patel. I climbed back into the aircraft and then ran to the rear exit. September 28, 2001 - Zaid Hassan Abd Latif Safarini, one of the men convicted in Pakistan for his role in the hijacking of Pan Am flight 73, is captured by the FBI shortly after he was released from jail by Pakistan. Somehow I managed to escape from the aircraft. 583 lives were lost when a KLM 747 collided with a Pan Am 747 at Tenerife's Los Rodeos Airport (TFN). Joe Biden's Sister Valerie Opens Up: 'We Bleed Like Every Family in America', Pregnant Woman, 25, and Man Who Recently Celebrated His 20th Wedding Anniversary Killed in Mo. The hijacker didn't seem to know much about the plane so he didn't look for it," says Sunshine. The men entered the Boeing 747, firing shots into the air. Read about our approach to external linking. "I noticed immediately that the escape devices in the cockpit had been deployed. The latter apparently was not hurt. She slid out upside down.". Towards the end, they were frustrated because they were looking for pilots and there were none.After a point when it was dark, this leader, I remember him being addressed as Mustafa, said his prayers in a high pitch. Today, shes taken a leave from her San Diego-based firm to help with the Flight 73 litigation. This 747-121 was a big one, the kind with a second-floor lounge at the front of the plane where passengers could sit and have a drink. The way I looked at life changed.I remember the terrorists dashing in from the front door near the pantry, holding Neerja at gun point. Nobody knew what to do. The Pan Am 73 terrorist attack killed 20 passengers and crew and severely injured more than 100 of the 380 persons on board. Students who switched tickets escaped the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing. Rich L.A. homeowners are snapping them up, The problem with Pablo Escobars hippos. They had only genuine feelings for us and our country. When her dead body arrived in Mumbai, she looked fresh and beautiful because all her wounds were on her back.Had there been a VIP or a minister on our plane; all the lives would have been saved. "My mother died while shielding and protecting me. About 7:00 pm on December 21, Pan Am flight 103, a Boeing 747 en route to New York City from . And screams.". Suresh GopalkrishnanProfession: Businessman, ChennaiAge: 55I was a carefree and free-spirited 23 year old boy, working with a German company, on my way to Paris. Judge Sullivan also recommended that the defendant never receive parole. 25-30 passengers were killed and a large number were injured. The pact the Bush administration signed with the Libyan government, which dismissed all other existing lawsuits, applied only to the American passengers on Flight 73, who were in a distinct minority. After escaping out an emergency window, Gargi and her sister, Giatri, were badly injured when they fell from wing to ground. February 12, 2003 - Legal arguments were held before Judge Sullivan, with the attorneys for the government and the defense arguing their positions on the defendant's motion seeking to bar the death penalty in this case. I knew non-Americans could go to their own governments. It was blamed for a string of attacks in the 1970s and 80s, killing and wounding hundreds of people, The Pan Am crew were recognised with courage awards by the airline in 1986, the US Department of Justice in 2005 and the US attorney general in 2006. PARKER, Isabella, Capistrano Bench, Calif. PENKSTAFF, Mrs. Charles San Diego, Calif. SEACRIST, Katherine, Lthaina. At the end of the proceeding, Judge Sullivan took the matter under advisement and will issue a written decision at a later date. I experienced compassion from a stranger, that too a Pakistani. 2023 BBC. If we didnt speak up for ourselves, I cant tell you how victimized we would feel, she said. Profession: Chief Finance OfficerI was 23 then. He showed so much grace in trouble, barring borders and perceptions. Trahan, dubbed the "Miracle Baby of Pan Am Flight 759," was the sole survivor of the crash, sustaining no serious injuries. I could see the terrorists walking up and down the aisle, trying to negotiate. But, Pan Am Flight 214 . I realised I was completely drenched in my mothers blood. FBI Releases Age-Progressed Photos of Four Most Wanted Terrorists from Pan Am Flight 73 Hijacking, MUHAMMAD ABDULLAH KHALIL HUSSAIN AR-RAHAYYAL, is an official site of the U.S. Department of Justice. These charges will serve as the basis for the upcoming criminal trial of defendant Safarini. Scott Herhold is a former San Jose metro columnist. Spring 2000 - Officials in Pakistan begin making public statements that the jail terms of the hijackers will soon expire. Saturday marked 40 years since Pan Am 759 crashed into a Kenner neighborhood, killing all 146 people on board and eight people on the ground.The only survivor on the ground was 16 . The court set a briefing schedule regarding the government's motion to reconsider the death penalty ruling. The motions hearing will go forward on May 5, 2003. Victim impact statements can be given in written or recorded form, and a limited number of victims will be permitted to give in-court testimony. A plea proceeding date was set for Tuesday, December 16, 2003, at 10:00 a.m. and the status hearing previously scheduled for November 17, 2003, has been canceled. n the afternoon of Dec. 21, 1988, Syracuse University student Matthew Trento walked into New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, ready to make what he thought would be a routine connection between a Pan Am flight and a Piedmont plane bound for Syracuse. The report of the Lockerbie Fatal Accident Inquiry (FAI), which was held at Dumfries in Scotland from October 1990 to February 1991, explained how Pan Am Flight 103 was sabotaged. February 10, 2003 - The attorneys for the defense and the government filed pretrial motions and notices. Thirty-five students studying abroad with Syracuse University were struck down from the sky on Pan Am Flight 103 on December 21, 1988, along with 224 other passengers and eleven Lockerbie residents, victims of a terrorist bombing. The gunmen positioned themselves on either side of the aisles. Read about our approach to external linking. Many went for it. My co-passenger, a German national, woke me up informing that our plane was hijacked. "The flight attendant smiled throughout the incident despite the fear surrounding her," Mitra said. As part of that agreement, the Dav sisters signed a document called a Joint Prosecuting Agreement, which obligated them to share money from any judgments with all the Crowell & Moring plaintiffs, including non-Americans. I realised I couldnt stand. She went back to save the kids who were stuck inside and got shot from behind. The powerful emotions that stick in Gargi Davs heart and mind from the hijacking of Pan Am Flight 73 nearly a quarter-century ago mix the horrific with the unexpectedly kind, the blessing of survival with the resolve not to be victimized again. The court rescheduled the hearing to continue on Wednesday, August 13, 2003, at 10:00 a.m. August 13, 2003 - Legal arguments were held before Judge Sullivan, with the attorneys for the government and the defense arguing their positions on the government's motion for the court to reconsider its ruling barring the death penalty in this case. (From top left): Nupoor, Sunshine, Sherene, Dilip. I was from a business family, married into another business family but I chose to start an NGO, providing education for the underprivileged after going through this tragedy. She hopes that, in speaking out, "we can all connect through our survival stories and form a fabric of power and strength going forward". Nearly 30 years after the hijack of Pan Am Flight 73 at Karachi airport, six of the plane's crew have spoken to the media for the first time. Calling the fight sad and disheartening, Newberger said the sharing clause was originally put in the agreement to stop infighting among the 178 plaintiffs. One hundred seventy-six passengers, estates, and family members who were victims of the September 5, 1986 terrorist hijacking of Pan Am Flight 73 in Karachi, Pakistan filed suit today against Libya and the individuals convicted of launching the attack. The four suspectsWadoud Muhammad Hafiz al-Turki, Jamal Saeed Abdul Rahim, Muhammad Abdullah Khalil Hussain ar-Rahayyal, and Muhammad Ahmed al-Munawarare believed to have been members of the Abu Nidal Organization, which was designated a terrorist organization by the U.S. Department of State. Galas son, Bharat, 32, an Orange County motel owner, met her Monday and interpreted for her. The passenger plane crashed in a residential area of Kenner soon after . She was hit with a bullet in her skull and had injuries on her chest and hands. Over the next few hours on the upper deck, Safarini let his guard down several times, Sunshine says. See Her Life in Photos, Mickey Guyton and Grant Savoy's Relationship Timeline, Girl, 11, Speaks Out After Dad's Bear Hug Saves Her Life in Airplane Crash, Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estefan's Relationship Timeline, The Cutest Longterm Celebrity Couple Throwback Photos, All of Princess Diana's PEOPLE Magazine Covers Through the Years, Shaquille O'Neal and Ex Shaunie's Relationship Timeline, On the 110th Anniversary of Titanic's Sinking, Revisit Chilling Tales of Life and Death from the PEOPLE Archives. [17], One of the four, Jamal Saeed Abdul Rahim, was allegedly killed in a dr The gunmen's plan was to force the pilots to fly them to Cyprus and Israel, where other members of their militant group were incarcerated on terror charges. After the terrorists opened fire, I lay down flat fearing I could get killed any moment. Jenny White's parents Bryan and Margaret were touring the United States, stopping off in New Orleans and preparing to fly to Las Vegas on July 9, 1982. Pan Am Flight 73 had just touched down in Karachi after departing from Mumbai, India, and was en route to Germany and then New York when the Palestinian gunmen commandeered it around 6:00 a.m. that fateful September day. But I opted to carry a young lady, who was severely injured and sadly died in my arms. One of the terrorists picked up the baby and started strutting up and down with a machine gun in his hand and a rifle hanging from his shoulder. On September 5, 1986, Thexton boarded Pan Am Flight 73 in Karachi. The victims were recognized for their extraordinary bravery during the September 5, 1986 terrorist hijacking of Pan Am . I knew if I didnt speak up for myself, this would haunt me for the rest of my life.. The hijacking of Flight 73 was a botched precursor to 9/11. There were 14 flight attendants on board, 12 . There was one airhostess there helping people jump. Become a Member. 'Flight 73' is a Non-fiction, based on the true events that had happened on 6th September, 1986 while Pan-Am Clipper 73 was hijacked on the ground in Karachi, Pakistan. Over a long time, it looked like the Dav sisters and the rest of the passengers on the Pan Am flight would never see a penny in compensation for their suffering. One of the hijackers removed a blanket and covered her with it because she was wearing a short skirt. The fundamental issue is whether the sisters are showing great courage in standing up to a big law firm for what should be theirs or whether they are, in essence, greedy. The court date of November 17, 2003, which had previously been set as a date to hear arguments on legal motions not related to the death penalty, has been converted to a status conference. March 27, 1977 is a date permanently etched in aviation history. Otherwise wed have panicked. Khanjan Dalal, who survived the hijack of Pan Am Flight 73 in September 1986, has lauded Sonam Kapoor starrer "Neerja". As the movie Neerja is releasing today, I thought it would be great to bring this story to all of you. June 16, 2003 - The government filed its reply brief in support of its motion for the court to reconsider its ruling barring the death penalty in this case. We were even scared to look at him.. At the center of that showdown is their 16-hour ordeal, during which the gunmen killed 20 passengers and wounded more than 100. Then we were told to rest our heads on our hands and bend down. A form was provided for victims to let the prosecution team know if they are interested in attending and/or speaking at the sentencing proceeding. Survivors that later died. Survivors condemn hijacker in Pan Am massacre . An official website of the United States government. "It was chaotic, like a war zone, in there. She was calm and responsible right up to the end. Please use portrait mode for best experience. She persuaded them to let the children drink water too. Aside from one sharp kick, he says, he was not physically mistreated and eventually escaped with others in the later chaos. Joani and Jack sat in first . Neerja had been shot in her hip and was bleeding heavily, but was conscious. The Boeing 747, known as the Clipper Maid of the Seas, left London Heathrow with 243 passengers and 16 crew members, including 189 Americans. Neerja Bhanot. T. M. George, 45, an auto parts store manager, was wounded in the back when he tried to shield his family from gunfire. We found a few people but not all. "Neerja's life may have been saved were conditions in the hospital better.". Shama, another friend, had two bullet injuries in her head.. An airhostess, who felt unwell, too lay down next to Trupti. Still wearing the looks of terror, and in some cases their bloodied clothes and bandages, Southern California survivors of the hijacking of Pan American Flight 73 began coming home Monday. He said he was looking for American fighter planes," says Sherene. What Colombia plans for their descendants, Messy storms roll eastward after slamming Texas, Louisiana, Ukrainians dig up more bodies from makeshift graves in once-occupied towns, New crew from U.S, Russia and UAE arrives at space station, Two Americans arrested on charges of selling tech to Russia. She was calm and responsible right up to the end. Crash, 41 Celebrities Who Have Shared Their Miscarriage Stories, in the Hopes of Helping Others, See PEOPLE's Incredible 20-Year Journey Documenting the Children Whose Dads Died on 9/11, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Eventful Decade: From Their Royal Exit to Baby No. It departed from Los Angeles bound for the . Our responsibility is to assist U.S. citizens.. Now, a tangle of lawsuits over $150 million in compensation from Libya is pitting them against one another. Thirty-two years later, Trahan, now 33, is a wife and mother who has learned to cope with unbelievable loss. Mike Thexton, a passenger on the plane, describes the act in his book What Happened to The Hippy Man? On December 21 Pan Am Flight 103 crashed on Lockerbie after the bombing of a Boeing 747-121. The Abu Nidal Organisation (ANO) is a Palestinian militant group, now considered largely inactive. Fellow attendant Sunshine Vesuwala saw one of the hijackers grab a colleague, Neerja Bhanot, and put a gun to her head. New Images Released in 1986 Hijacking Case. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, Column: Did the DOJ just say Donald Trump can be held accountable for Jan. 6? Were hoping that with the age-progression photos next to the original photos maybe that will jar some memories or maybe someone has seen these guys walking around.. January 2008 - Pakistan reportedly released from jail the remaining four hijackers who had been convicted in 1988. Documents on this page are presented in Portable Document Format (PDF) and a PDF reader is required for viewing. Hassan Abd Latif Safarini appeared in court Wednesday to begin the sentencing phase for his role as lead hijacker of Pan Am Flight 73. Sherene says she knew then that time was running out. No Thanks They occasionally worked the same flight and ran into each other at layovers. Unable to fly the plane, the terrorists started by executing an American and dumping his body out the door of the plane. Earlier Monday, Arun Athavale of Mission Viejo, a computer engineer, arrived here on an American Airlines plane and was met by his wife, Prati, and son, Agay, 4.
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