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The finish is short-lived, with caramel and oak to it with very little to no warmth. The sour mash prevents wild yeast from entering the mash and causing infections. That said, I felt strongly Jack Daniels puts out worthy whiskey and deserved to be in this Best Everyday tasting. Don't take Woodford Reserve's Double Oaked's ubiquity for mediocrity. For this reason, I started selecting a Best Everyday Bourbon. Get This Headphone Stand, Complete Guide to Buying Boots This Season, You've Never Heard of 2022's Most-Awarded Whiskey, Tasting WhistlePig's New 21-Year-Old Single Malt, The Best New Whiskey Releases of 2023 (So Far), Psst, Pappy Van Winkle Is Doubling Production, How to Build Your Own Bottle of Whiskey Online, Is Fireball Whiskey? It didnt make the cut for the finals. Larceny Bourbon is a decent sipping bourbon. Egg nog spices kick this sip off. Everything you ever wanted to know about Americas favorite brown spirit, including, of course, the best bottles you can actually buy. The exact mash bill is kept a secret but word on the street is that its a fairly low-rye mash bill with 12 to 15 percent rye. That works out to 1.75 barrels of bourbon per resident or over 500 bottles of whiskey per capita. A leather note emerges and lingers at the end. But those whiskeys are cut from the exact same distillation. Price Range: $20 to $30. One of the best new whiskeys of recent memory, Stellum is a more affordable Barrell Bourbon. Best I ever had was a couple weeks ago in a Chicago speakeasy the Office. A rich leather note, along with some pepper, emerges at the end and lingers. Head on over to Distiller, or download the app for iOS and Android today! We're breaking down the varieties of rum, from sugarcane to bottle. But if I get back to Loretto, Im not leaving without the Makers 101. It is bottled at 92 proof. The 2021 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon is bold, spicy, and fruit forward. This is a simple bourbon thats cut from the same mash and pulled from the same rickhouses as everyones beloved Blantons one of the more sought after and awarded bourbons in modern times. It can be a blend of multiple straight bourbon whiskeys as long as they're all produced in the same state. Its so fucking amazing., Have Apple's AirPods Max? No one cared about Early Times until Sazerac (Buffalo Trace Distillery) bought it from Brown-Forman (Jack Daniel's, Old Forester, Woodford Reserve). Its also the recipe Pappy Van Winkle bought during prohibition. . Average Price: $300. Simply, this is Heaven Hills famous wheated bourbon thats aged for nine years and bottled-in-bond. The finish has a velvet texture that helps it fade fairly slowly while staying warm. A pioneering brand, it was originally released as an exclusively bottled 90 proof bourbon whisky. Lets end this one with Jims other mash bill. Buffalo Trace vs Old Forester 86 Comparison . Instead, it was allowed to rest until it hit a point the distillers wanted to hit and then bottled as is. Hi Dave! Pappy Van Winkle, in his infinite wisdom, allegedly chose wheat in his recipe because he felt is matured more quickly, and bourbon could be moved to market at a younger age. And the little factors between bottles do matter. The whiskey inside Early Times' wicked affordable Bottled-in-Bond expression is Brown-Forman-made, though, and it has that sweet-and-smooth Basil Hayden's thing going on, just more a more solid boozy backbone with a recurring note of caramel corn throughout. Evan Williams Bottled-in-Bond won the taste for Best Everyday Bourbon. Average Price: $45. Its important to note that this was just one taste off, and I am one taster. Makes it easy to see why some newbies often cant tell the difference between some of these bourbons, right? No, this isnt as complex as Old Fitzgerald. Distillery: Jim Beam, Clermont, KY (Beam Suntory) Hope I can find some of them here in the Pac-NW. Production started on Ezra Brooks around the 1950s by the Medley Distillery. So no Jim Beam Soft Red Wheat, none of the individual Willett bottlings, none of the Michters 10 year bottlings that were(or were reported to be) wheaters, and none of the Buffalo Trace Single Oak or experimental releases that were wheated. Name: Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style Whisky Age: NAS Proof: 115 Proof (57.5% abv) Type: Straight bourbon whiskey Mashbill: 72% corn, 18% rye, and 10% malted barley Producer: Brown-Forman Corporation Website: https://www.oldforester.com/products/old-forester-1910-old-fine-whisky/ Glassware: Glencairn Review This is a nice mixing bourbon that works just as well on the rocks. This is not a new phenomenon and it plays a large role in blended bourbons. Overpowering taste and smell of alcohol. Yes. The other is recipe E and is 75% corn, 20% rye, and 5% malted barley. The titular old grand-dad here is the one and only Basil Hayden. We don't believe there is one "best" bourbon, but there are bottles that are best for certain moments. It did not make my Top 6. I was more akin to the standard Makers than 46. This is an easy drinking whiskey with a classic bourbon nose and taste and a smooth mouthfeel. Old Forester is richer, so it's less prevalent in this comparison, but it's definitely still there on its own without Jack Daniel's to cover it up. For our money, the best do-it-all bourbon is Knob Creek's 9-year-old Small Batch offering. Wild Turkey is known to barrel its whiskey at a lower entry-proof, meaning the product is a lower proof as it comes off the still prior to maturing. One of the comparisons I did was a side-by-side review of two Bottled-in-Bond bottlings: Old Forester's 1897 BiB versus Old Grand Dad BiB. ABV: 46% Along with Old Overholt Rye, Old Grand-Dad falls under The Olds family of whiskeys released by Jim Beam. Ive always found a bright nutmeg note, which can really stand out in blind tastings. If you are interested in exploring the lesser known brands however, and in the process learning a little more about the lore and history of classic bourbon brands, then this list is a good place to start. Ive had/have 5 of the 8 limited/hard to find editions and they are not worth the effort, schmoozing, and gouging required to obtain. I presume you could ask em how much their CEO makes and theyd tell you, Minnick says. The bourbon is made by Jim Beam, and retails for around $20 per bottle. The 15 YO version is similar but far richer and complex. Here's the rub. Larceny becomes grand larceny when the property taken exceeds a certain value as defined by each state. Both are somewhat fruity, but express it differently. For the uninitiated, wheat used as a secondary grain was really pioneered at the old Stitzel-Weller distillery in Louisville, birthplace of the Weller lineup, the Van Winkle lineup, and the Old Fitzgerald Lineup. Honey and fruit mix with a clear peppery rye note next to a slight hint of oak, apple, and more vanilla. Press Esc to cancel. Other states have much lower thresholds, however, some considering anything over $400 to be grand larceny. This Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey bears no age statement and is bottled at 90 proof. Rate, Review and Discover spirits! The juice is the same stuff that goes into Woodford, although this entry is blended with different barrels for an end product thats a great, basic bourbon at a great price. On the palate, there are pralines (candied pecans), orange zest, along with caramel, maple syrup, some mint and spice notes of cinnamon and clove. Nice, easy-drinking proof? Entry proof is 125 proof/62.5 percent. Of course, its pretty good, too. Our tester found that the 12-year is a little rough around the edges neat it is meant to be an affordable bourbon, after all but dropping in an ice cube really opens up its sweet wheat side. In terms of proof and age, I would say they're very close (certainly not over 5 years old). Larceny is a wheated bourbon made from a blend of selected barrels made in honor of this legend. At the end of the day, it's a blue-collar spirit, made by thirsty farmers, for thirsty farmers. It was a great taste but will never pay that much for it again. Wheaters are my favorites, but I like ryes too. No need to wait for a special occasion, these are great for any day of the week. Weller Special Reserve, 12 Year Wheated Bourbon Blind Tasting: Weller 12 vs. Old Fitz 12 vs. Van Winkle 12, Four Gate Whiskey Announces Release 15.1, 15.2, & 15.3: The Bluegrass Trilogy, Old Forester 21st Release of Annual Birthday Bourbon, Press Release: Old Foresters Next Release in the 117 SeriesFeatures a Blend of Barrels Aged Solely in Warehouse K, William Larue Weller (Buffalo Trace Antique Collection), Rebel Yell Single Barrel 10 Year (added October 2016). It's our best overall bourbon not by way of life-altering tasting notes which include marmalade, honey and maple but by stuffing the stat sheet in a way no other bourbon can. Theyve also led the way in transparency. Its a fantastic bourbon, especially for the money, he says. This is a NAS Straight bourbon, so it is at least four years old. My personal opinion is a little different. Will be looking to sample some others on your list particularly the Makers Cask Strength. Retail - $55; Secondary - $90+ Evan Williams 23 Year Old Bourbon - T2. If you're looking for the best value in bourbon, just get this. This was a single release of only 2,500 bottles. Sazerac 18 typically demands the highest price in the Buffalo Antique Collection line. On the flip side, expensive bourbon isnt always as refined as it seems. In my past blind tastings, Old Grand-Dad did not fare well. While there's no age statement on the bottle, it's believed that Double Oaked is aged for at least six years. Tasting notes include Heath Bar and leather on the nose, with cinnamon candies, roasted vanilla and rye coming through in the palate. You can often find this for $9.99 on sale. It now goes on to compete for Best American Whiskey. It is aged at least 4 years in a bonded warehouse and is bottled at 100 proof in a trademark square, white label bottle. This bourbon over-delivers for its price and continues to be one of the best value picks on the market. If you get a chance to visit Loretto, pick up a bottle of the Makers 46 Cask Strength sometime. The first is as a collectors item. Four Rosess upgrade over its standard offering blends 180 barrels of four different recipes per bottling. Where we have full reviews, scores, or tasting notes, I have included links: // < ! Evan William's Black Label is hard to beat for the money. I was wondering if after several years you had any updates to your Wheated lists ? This juice is. Luxcos Old Ezra line could be one of the best-kept secrets in whiskey. Similar to the straight version, it is smoother, with a little more citrus on the nose and palate and a little dried peach on the finish. But that is why I taste blind: I dont want to be influenced by brand name. At retail prices between $20 and $30, it is among the best priced wheated bourbon currently available. Both mash bills are utilized for this bottling. While I think the standard version is fine, Ive had two private barrel selections that were great. Hardins Creek Jacobs Well: In summer 2022, bourbon legend Jim Beam launched a new high-end label called Hardins Creek. Retail - $80; Secondary - $250; Old Forester 117 Series High Angel's Share or Warehouse K (375ml) - T3. He has also been published on Liquor.com. This high percentage makes the whiskey sweet and complex, a great choice for those looking for something inexpensive but rich with flavor. Nice to see it make your list. I walk in and find 15 year old Pappy in a red velvet sack sitting on the shelf for about sixty dollars a bottle. Basil Haydens is a well-crafted bourbon thats pulled from specific barrels, blended, cut down to proof, and small-batch bottled under the watchful eyes of Jim Beams masters. With Distiller, youll always know whats in the bottle before you spend a cent. Okay, this isnt exactly a huge price tag for a quality spirit. I write about wines and spirits and the hidden corners of the world, Whisky Review: 50 Year Old Glenfarclas, Bowmore, Cardrona, And More, Hendricks Gin Debuts Flora Adora As New Limited Release, Thinking About Black Wine Business Beyond Black History Month, Whisky Review: Compass Box, Benriach, Tobermory, And More, Vibrant Whites, Distinctive RedsAppreciating The Wines Of Friuli, Appreciating Some Of Italys Lesser Known Varietals And Grapes, Wine Cocktails That Take The Chill Off Winter, Bacardis Latest Cask Finished Rum Expressions Are Exceptional. Bottled and sealed, his signature guaranteed quality. The Old Forester is one of the bourbons that's helped make Kentucky the capital of bourbon. It's a robust whiskey that pulls off the wheated softness without becoming weak and spineless. This one is more of a sipper. He has contributed frequently to our bourbon coverage over the years and is someone we regard as a friend. Larceny is a brand extension of Heaven Hills Old Fitzgerald line. Corn on the nose and lots of classic notes of vanilla, toffee, and caramel up top. This bespoke (and admittedly cool-looking) bottle became extremely famous and then extremely expensive in retail. It is a top selling bourbon in Japan. There are a variety of Very Old Barton bourbons on the market including an 80 proof, an 86 proof and a 90 proof. Foundation For Advancing Alcohol Responsibility. Weve already talked about how Weller and Pappy are the same wheated bourbon, so lets give Heaven Hills wheated bourbons some love. At the end of 2018, Kentucky had over 7.5 million barrels of bourbon being matured, along with 600,000 barrels of other spirits. Head to Head Comparison: Old Forester 100 vs Wild Turkey 101 I like to do head to head comparisons because I feel like it brings out the nuances of each bourbon. On the nose, there is a distinctive sweetness, along with ripe apple, caramel and a little vanilla. Roughly 1,000 are currently active. Four Roses Small Batch, a household favorite, did not perform well in this blind tasting for Best [+] Everyday Bourbon. #4 barrel char. Admittedly, the barrel seasoning makes all the difference between . Theyll tell you everything there is to know about their whiskey they dont hide the mash bill, the distillation proof. Maker's Mark Cask Strength vs Weller Full Proof . Unfortunately, both also have that unpleasant metallic vodka-y alcohol taste, which I don't find in other bourbons. image via via modernthirst.com Distillery: Buffalo Trace Distillery, Frankfort, KY (Sazerac Company) He is a native of Louisville, KY in the heart of Bourbon Country. Flavor Profile: Sweet & Rich Flavor Profile: Sweet & Rich George T Stagg (Some days I prefer it to just about anything) 5. For instance, in New York, property valued at over $1,000 is considered grand larceny. Old Forester is the more dark, banana-y, oaky, apple-y and earthy bourbon. Subscribe to his YouTube Channel to watch his Best American Whiskey taste off December 20. At a retail price of under $50, however, it is an outstanding value, although very difficult to find. Had a shot in Kentucky a few years back when it was introduced. [CDATA[ amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; amzn_assoc_enable_interest_ads = "true"; amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "modernthirstc-20"; amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "auto"; amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; amzn_assoc_region = "US"; amzn_assoc_linkid = "a605ff51e1453cfa02de68c264fd03bc"; amzn_assoc_emphasize_categories = "284507"; amzn_assoc_fallback_mode = {"type":"search","value":"Whiskey"}; amzn_assoc_default_category = "All"; // ]]> Bill is the Co-Founder, Editor-in Chief, and official Bourbon-o-Phile for ModernThirst.com, and Founder and Chief Blending Officer for Four Gate Whiskey Company. Lets Talk Fermentation and Distillation! Theres no way around it, Wild Turkey 101 is great for the money. Additionally, BIB whiskey must be bottled at 50% ABV (100 proof). ABV: 50% Ive had or have everything on the easy list. Crafted at the Brown-Forman Distillery in Shively, KY. I admit I have gotten extremely lucky obtaining a few of these bottles. Larceny and Maker's Mark can be viewed as offshoot descendants of that distillery due to the connections the labels have with those original three or connections the distillers had with the principal players in that distillery. There is also a 57% ABV (114 proof) version that is priced under $30. The holy grail of bourbon brands announced its annual slate of whiskeys in October 2022, and the release includes a total of five bourbons along with a rye. But nowhere is the impact of the Pappy Van Winkle lineup more prevalent than in the trickle down effect it has had on other bourbons made with wheat as the secondary or flavoring grain. But again, two for the price of one is a bargain. But I feel very firm in the Top Five, and I was pleased to see three bottled-in-bond bourbons in the running. This is a BETA experience. Seagrams closed the business in the 1970s, and Heaven Hill purchased the brand name in 1994, but no longer uses the original recipe; as Minnick notes in his book, The original yeast, mashbill, and flavor profile are gone, lost with time. But one thing the new bottle does have is time: its 10 year age statement makes it one of the older bourbons at this price range. So its whiskey, at a great proof point of 86 and an age that Minnick says is roughly five-and-a-half years old, goes for less than $20. 4. Old Forester does a slightly better job filling it in comparison. On the palate, there is caramel, sweet cooked corn, almond pralines, along with vanilla, oak, spice and pepper notes. Distillers Gin Guide: Styles to Know and Brands to Try. [CDATA[ For something around $30, you get an expertly blended whiskey aged a minimum of 8 years with notes of cherry, orange, almond toffee and oak and bottled at a casual 90 proof. Old Forester packs a banana note that I thought could dominate the competition if I happened to be in a banana mood. Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style Weller Antique 107 Blanton's Henry McKenna 10 Year Noah's Mill 1. Redwood Empire Bottled in Bond Rye . On the palate, there is caramel and brown sugar, along with vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and charred oak. Bourbon always has to be aged in new charred oak barrels at no more than 125 proof (or 62.5 percent alcohol), and it's not allowed to include any additives or colorings. The Brown-Forman distillery also uses the same mash bill for their premium, high-end market bourbon, Woodford Reserve. Id keep my eye out for the upcoming single barrel Rebel Yell as well as any private barrel selections you can find from Weller, or Makers Mark in particular. Theres a sense of sweet yet slightly bitter tea next to rye spice and a flutter of fresh mint. Going in, I didnt give this much of a chance for my palate. Knob Creek 12 Year Price: ~$75 Proof: 100 Tasting Notes: Oak, vanilla, marshmallow Distillery: Jim Beam It is a small batch barrel selection based on casks hand-picked by Wild Turkeys father and son master distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell. Flavor Profile: Sweet & Vanilla This is the Bottled-In-Bond version of Old Grand-Dad Bourbon, meaning it was all distilled in the same calendar year. The spice gets a little peppery as a final cut if citrus arrives to help the end slowly fade out. You can get a lot of satisfaction out of that. It's a classic tasting bourbon with notes of oak, caramel and brown sugar. A 100-proof blend of 2017 and 2019 bourbons, Major's mix which is the first in Dread River's new Master Series has tasting notes of cherry, apples, oak and light vanilla. The mash bill is undisclosed, but is believed to be the same, or very close, to that of Old Fitzgerald and the Pappy expressions. If I tasted this flight again, theres a very good chance Id have different results. And the 2014 Parkers Heritage Original Batch Wheat Whiskey really showed what that mash bill is capable of with age and proof. Produced by a respected distiller (Wild Turkey)? Average Price: $20. It's probably a mixture of under-valued and underrated but Larceny is excellent bourbon for close to $25. Pappy Van Winkles impossible-to-find wheated bourbon has become such a hype monster that other wheated bourbons from Buffalo Traces portfolio have seen their own popularity skyrocket due to their proximity. Some expressions have a characteristic leather aroma, although this is not true of all of the bottlings. Its 100 proof retains a full body and mixes bonafides without lighting your mouth on fire. I almost included Bernheim Wheat Whiskey in this list, since even though its a wheat whiskey, it taste a LOT like a wheated bourbon due to its high corn content. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Flavor Profile: Sweet For instance, Jim Beam, Bakers, Knob Creek, Old Crow, and Old Taylor all have the exact same mash bill (75/13/12 corn/rye/barley), barrel char (level #4), and barreling proof (125 proof). Regular Old Forester goes into those burnt barrels for another six to nine months. The latter is a blend of a 16-year-old bourbon and a 15-year-old high-rye bourbon that pays tribute to the familys first distiller, Jacob Beam, and its said to be some of the best bourbon being produced at the busy distillery. He attended the University of Kentucky in the mid to late 1990s. Straight Bourbon Whiskey: Bourbon that is stored in charred new oak for at least two years. After a reasonable period, however, that flips for me. Theres certainly less refinement at play. At times our old standbys can be tough to findand when we do, they are triple the standard price. Flavor Profile: Spicy & Smoky The Bourbon After a pour I found my glass had a dark, rusty amber liquid. The finish is long, sweet, with maple syrup and brown sugar notes. Tasting notes include monkey bread aroma and Texas-style Dublin Dr. Pepper, making for one interesting palate. The whiskey is produced by. The palate carries that spice into peppery territory with hints of oak, vanilla, tart apples, and honey. I assessed all nominations, validated them and tasted them live on YouTube to select my 2019 favorite for Best Everyday Bourbon. The mash bill consists of 75% corn, 13% rye and 12% malted barley. The bourbon is bottled-in-bond (BIB), which means it is the product of a single distillation by a single distiller at a single distillery, and has been aged for at least four years under US government supervision. No, this isnt a single barrel expression. The brand has been on the shelves for over 150 consecutive years. As Bourbon Heritage Month rolls on, were taking a look at some expensive bottles of bourbon to see if we can find some cheaper bourbon counterparts from the exact same mash bill, barrel char, and barrel proof. Larceny is 45% alcohol by volume, whereas Maker's Mark has 45%. Its relatively low-corn mashbill (only 63 percent) is also unique, utilizing a staggering amount of rye and malted barley, creating a spicy bourbon ideal for drinking on the rocks or in a cocktail. Its got so much flavor to it, so much complexity its just brilliant whiskey., Are we including bottles that are impossible to find? Minnick asks. Bernheim wheated whiskey a bit harsh imo. 2) Sazerac 18 Year Straight Rye This is going to be a controversial choice, but let's talk this through. Wheat bourbons are different. Sign up for his free drinks newsletter. The bourbon business is dominated at retail by a handful of national brands. Distiller Score: 80. It bears no age statement and is bottled at 92 proof. It has none of the harshness youd expect from a 133.2 proof bourbon, and doesnt undergo chill filtering instead just using light filtration to remove barrel char flakes. Production is limited to 8,600 bottles nationwide, and it sells for $250.Pappy Van Winkle 2022 Lineup: No list of the best bourbons is complete without a mention of Pappy Van Winkle. Four Roses has two separate mash bills it uses for its bourbons. Flavor Profile: Vanilla & Sweet Larceny Bourbon ABV: 46% Distillery: Heaven Hill Distillery, Louisville, KY Average Price: $26 The Whiskey: This is the exact same juice that's just aged a little less. Yes, Ancient Age is the same mash bill, barrel, and barrel proof as Blantons. On the palate, the whiskey is smooth and sweet, with vanilla and caramel and a little dried fruit. ABV: 43% That lower entry proof lends to more flavor from the mash bill (corn, rye and malted barley). 1870 Original Batch is also blended by Marianne Barnes, the protg of Brown-Forman's master They deserve to be on every Best Everyday Bourbon list for their massive fan base alone. This whiskey is much better known then the expressions cited above. This is typically a cornbread-laden favorite of mine. Kentuckys population is 4.3 million people. Now, bourbon fans grow angry over their inability to find precious gold they once regularly consumed. The juice starts its time in a new charred oak barrel (as it should) before its dumped into a second charred oak barrel that's been more deeply toasted. That includes retailer specific brands. It is available everywhere and thus resistant to the price gouging associated with brands like Buffalo Trace. They can range from okay to excellent.. Whether it's the softer flavor imparted by the sweet mash (the vast majority of modern bourbon is sour mashed) or the distiller's proprietary "infusion mashing" process or something else entirely, the result is a wicked, wicked pour. Old Grand-Dad was a contender for Best Everyday Bourbon. Finish: Medium length and warm. Theres more of sweetness at play with toffee and vanilla up top. Old Forester packs a banana note that I thought could dominate the competition if I happened to be in a banana mood.. At $30 per bottle, this is another excellent value for a classic bourbon. This juice is hand-selected to be small batched to match a six-year-old age profile. Weller, and to a lesser extent Old Fitzgerald, has been caught up in the cult frenzy that now surrounds Pappy Van Winkle. Proof: The percentage of alcohol, displayed as double that of the alcohol percentage. Buy a case. Small Batch: A subjective term signaling a bourbon made using a select number of barrels or recipes in a blended bottling. Additionally, it was aged at least 4 years under government supervision, and it is bottled at 50% ABV. [CDATA[ Its a good, inexpensive, wheated everyday sipper.. Hes pictured on the bottle. Drink it in a highball or mix up old fashioneds for a few months. (Read the recap.). This year, as I did last year, I solicited nominations from Bourbon Pursuit listeners, who are an engaged bourbon consumer base that understand what everyday truly means. The end is rich with a note of toffee and a whisper of salted caramel. He is married with two daughters, and lives in east Louisville. Slightly peppery wheat next to a light fruit, vanilla, and fresh maple syrup greet you. His son, Eddie Russell, took over as Wild Turkeys Master Distiller in 2015, after 35 years with the company. Sometimes even exactly the same. Old Fitzgerald is a bottled-in-bond wheated bourbon released twice a year by Kentucky's . The rest of the nation is just kinda getting to know em, Minnick says. Sure. The look of it was like that of a reddened maple syrup. But that list has a problem: Almost half of them are so limited in production or so high in demand that most readers will never see them a retail. Old Grand-Dad Bonded Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, NAS, 50% ABV, was the nickname of a distiller named Basil Hayden. Pick up *several* bottles of 46 Cask Strength! All of this isnt to say that drinking a Wild Turkey 81 is the same as drinking a Russells Reserve Single Barrel. Average Price: $12. All of the Weller expressions share the same mash bill. 2020 ModernThirst. These bargain bourbon brands can all be had for $25 or less, so make sure keep your home bar stocked! The bourbon is believed to be approximately 6 YO. #4 barrel char. This is what you drink when you need a break from barrel-proof juice. Old Forester Signature Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, NAS, 50% ABV, is the oldest bourbon brand in the US and the first bourbon to be sold in bottle. ABV: 46.5% The mash bill used contains: 72% corn, 18% rye, 10% malted barley. Old Forester is one of the oldest whisky houses in America (yes, they spell whisky without the "e"). Yes. So funky, so rich with cornbread and a honey butter, the only reason it did not win this tasting was it lacked the finish of the winner. I like some of the new Makers Private Select picks even more, but theyre single barrel private picks, so I didnt include them on the list.